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Tube Tunes: Andrew Huang aka SongsToWearPantsTo

One of the largest outlets for burgeoning musicians in the technology infused culture of today is Youtube. Every day, countless musicians upload new and creative material on their Youtube channels. Being an avid Youtube video watcher, I come across many of these and I have become a fan of many. Every week I will be featuring one musical Youtuber who I think is producing great new work.

First up is Andrew Huang, also known as SongsToWearPantsTo. I discovered this musician back in 2009 and his work continues to amuse, amaze, and astound me. He is an articulate and creative rapper and engages with his fans through "challenges," in which he makes songs based on audience suggestions. Some great examples are his "Double en Genre" songs in which he mashes two different genres together to create a cohesive piece. Being a multi-instrumentalist, Andrew is able to produce well rounded songs with equal attention to both rhythm and melody.

Andrew also has a great sense of humor, coming up with work such as "Pink Fluffy Unicorns Dancing on Rainbows," and "Show Me Where The Noms At." He collaborates with many other Youtube artists and is always reaching for new ideas and ways to show his creativity. He has gained recognition for his rap done entirely without the letter "E" and has catered to the more theory-minded viewers with songs in tricky time signatures. I am always excited to watch Andrew's new videos, and I hope that you will check them out!

Video: 26 alphabetical genre song done in collaboration with Boy In A Band

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