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Snack Time Sounds: Stromae

I'm going to be posting brief musical "snacks" for your enjoyment. Think of these as snippets of what I'm listening to.

First up is the Belgian electronic artist, Stromae. He's famous for his songs "Alors On Danse" and more recently, "Papaoutai." I only really discovered him with his newest album, "Racine Carrée," which came out in August, 2013. Stromae is a fascinating character, mixing electronic beats with poignant lyrics which deal with issues such as daily struggles, domestic abuse, and absentee parents. He is gangly and awkward and oddly- charming? Yes, Stromae definitely has a sort of style that you just don't see every day.

Check out his video for "Papaoutai" (warning- if you have a fear of manekins, clench up- this one's a doozy)

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